Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Frontiers magazine is born!

Morning all

Am very excited to introduce you to the first issue of Frontiers- a new online psychotherapy magazine. Check it out and enjoy!

Frontiers Spring 2015

Take care




  1. Wow what a great publication this is. I've just read several articles and very much enjoyed them. Im a counsellor who's social work trained & feel that my intuitive approach and theories are much more fitting with psychotherapy. Despite this my training is in more short term therapies and what's discussed as 'evidence-based'. Very much a model within medical model. I'm intrigued by existentialism and would happily be your guinea pig for exploring it- would be good for my learning also.

    1. Hi Sarah
      Thanks so much for your message. Am so glad you're enjoying Frontiers, really appreciate your positive comments. Love your website- it has a great energy about it, your work sounds really interesting. I also work intutively with my long term clients- that's where the healing for me can really start! I am equally still learning about existentialism- I am really drawn to the work of Yalom. I am training in a transpersonal paradigm which really enhances my practice for me. Do stay in touch :) I'm on Twitter also @SuzieChick xxx