Sunday, 2 February 2014

Psychopath anyone?


Happy February all!

Ever thought your boss was a psychopath? Or wondered if you have any leanings in that direction (ooohhh eeerr)? Well you've come to the right blog! :)

So what is a psychopath exactly?

It's a person with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behaviour without empathy or remorse.Psychopaths tend to lack normal human emotions such as guilt. They are also often highly intelligent and skilled at manipulating others.

Note (very important), not all psychopaths are serial killers!

So are you a psychopath?

Here's a link to a test you can do to ascertain if you have any qualities of a psychopath.. if you dare! I scored a "healthy mind" with 72% empathy, 71% sociable, 41% law abiding and 12% delusional which was a bit worrying! But least it confirmed that I'm not a psychopath-phew!

What about your partner?

Huffington Post even did an article late last year about 10 signs your man is a psychopath.... the signs are all familar to me but thankfully in different boyfriends and not just one! (And I reckon the signs could apply to either gender too).

Jon Ronson- The Psychopath Test

Jon Ronson wrote a great book called The Psychopath Test where he explores the concept of psychopathy, along with the broader mental health "industry" including mental health professionals and the mass media. Jon also did a great TED talk on "Strange answers to the psychopath test", here's the link to his TED talk I was lucky enough to hear Jon Ronson talk at the School of Life last Summer. He talked about humiliation and it was a fascinating and hiliarious talk.

Channel 4's Psychopath Night

Late last year, Channel 4 broadcast a whole evening on the subject of psychopaths. One part which was particularly interesting for me was when a psychologist, Professor Dutton, assesses a group of people for psychopthic tendancies. To put his work to the test he challenged those he thought were high and low on the psychopathic sprectrum to a bungee jump (apparantely psychopaths wouldn't think twice about doing something like this- again am personally feeling reassured about the results of my psychopath test!). And true to his theory the more psychopathic people took on the challenge and those who weren't psychopathic refused to go up for the jump.

The TV show isn't available anymore unfortunately but there are some fun quizzes devised by Professor Dutton including one where you guess which well known person is the more psychopathic (Freddie Mercury v Hitler anyone)? Here's the link to the quizzes Channel 4 quiz

Best of luck for your psychopath test! (If I could write an evil laugh right now I would)! :)

Write soon