Friday, 3 January 2014

My top books for 2014...

Hi all

Sorry its been a few months since my last post, life as a trainee therapist has been pretty hectic, but as always incredibly rewarding,interesting and a little scary! But I have resolved, especially given as its the new year to continue to post each month. :)

Thought I'd kick off 2014 with some of my thoughts on the best books for the coming year.

Stoner by John Williams

This has become a cult classic and I was lucky enough to get hold of a limited edition hardback for my Christmas reading. This is a truly wonderful book and tells the story of life of a US university professor, William Stoner. There's isn't any major twists and turns, there doesn't need to be for such a well written book and I think this adds to its charm and individuality especially as we live in a world so full of ever dramatic media.

The Examined Life by Stephen Grosz

I am a big fan of therapist' Irvin Yalom's books which covers some fascinating client case studies. Grosz also covers examples of his clients divided into chapters such as "telling lies", "loving" and "changing". Its incredible readable for both therapists and non-therapists. 

The Business of Therapy by Pauline Hodson

I've just ordered this on Amazon and am looking forward to reading it. Its content page suggests it's a very practical guide about how to set up a successful private practice. It includes sections on the consulting room (including points on waiting areas and doorbells), money matters (including unpaid bills- scary) and boundaries (double scary). It also has a preface by one of my favourite therapists, Susie Orbach so am hoping this is a good sign!

School of life How to Series II

I am a big fan of Alain de Botton's School of Life and really enjoyed their first "How to" series which included a book by Philippa Perry on "How to stay sane". Their second series promises more intellectual life affirming delights. In particularly am looking forward to reading "How to connect with nature" and "How to develop emotional health". Each book of the series is £7.99, and can be purchased from the School of Life website .

Mind the child by Camila Batmanghelidjh and Kids Company

I've just finished this book today and its been a great, yet harrowing, read. It has really opened my eyes to the very wounded children which we as a society try to forget or even worst ignore. Batmanghelidjh is truly inspirational.

There is an entire set of books (all £4.99 each) devoted to stories of the underground to celebrate the 150 year anniversary. I've read a few of them and they all have been great. They can be bought from the Penguin books website

Hope you find these book tips useful, happy reading and a very happy new year!