Saturday, 28 January 2012

Do what you love, it's good for you...FACT!!

A mantra to live by!
Hi all,

I read a really interesting article this week which I wanted to share with you. It basically reinforced something I am definitely a big believer in.. (and here it is, drum roll please)!....DOING WHAT YOU LOVE IS REALLY GOOD FOR YOU!! 

The article explained that a Standford University study showed that women who spent 15 minutes each day writing about matters which were important to them lost more weight than another group of women who only wrote about matters which they had no particular interest in. The researchers reckon that writing about things that these women valued , made these women happier and less likely to snack. Pretty amazing huh?? Here's some more info on the study:

Carl Jung (the Godfather of transpersonal psychotherapy)

The importance of doing things you love is also something I am learning through my training as a psychotherapist. I am studying at CCPE in London's beautiful, Little Venice, (great place- check it out CCPE),  specialising in transpersonal therapy. The father of transpersonal therapy is essentially Carl Jung. One of his key premises, and that of transpersonal therapy also, is that if you don't follow the design you were built for, you will fall into mental disrepair such as depression etc. So doing what is in your heart, your core, what you were made for, is really, really good for you! (and that's not just me saying it, but a world famous intellectual)!!

For me, I am certainly trying to follow my new mantra of DO WHAT YOU LOVE, so thought I would get the following on record:

THINGS I LOVE (so far in 2012)!

  • Writing my blog (yeah)
  • Going to college at CCPE (double yeah)
  • Working on my moodboards (finding cool pictures and putting them together in my scrap book)
  • Meeting good friends and catching up (and I don't mean via Twitter or Facebook people, I mean actual meeting up and talking!)
  • Watching great films and theatre
  • Enjoying the sights and sounds of this great city (London by the way).....

So given we've only just got a few weeks into 2012, we should all ask ourselves, are we doing what we love? Are we following our heart, following our core, our design? Doing that might just help us achieve many other goals (not to mention save us money on gym membership)!

Till next time




Saturday, 21 January 2012

Pushing the body too far...a lesson learnt!

Hi everyone!

This is just a short little post about an important lesson I have learnt this week...TO LISTEN TO MY BODY MORE!! I AM NOT SUPER HUMAN!! I AM NOT DAVID BLAINE!! REPEAT... I AM NOT DAVID BLAINE!

I ended last week, being not very well (to be specific with my head down the toilet...urgh)! I took it easy Sunday night. I woke up the next day feeling shaky but somehow got myself into work (am a contractor, so don't get paid if I don't rock up). Managed to get through the day and got some lunch (lovely pasta from Co Co's on Fleet Street-thanks guys). And then faced a dilemma, do I risk it and head to yoga on Monday night? Walking home before class I felt fine and so took my chances (ha ha me livin' on the edge)!

Well all was going well in yoga up until 10 mins from the end , I began to feel really dizzy, and started to black out (this is a horrible process where I lose hearing, then eyesight, then balance and then pass out). Somehow I came through the other side of the black out without properly passing out and somehow managed to avoid anyone noticing what I was going through (we all had our eyes closed at that point so guess I lucked out). I got home quickly after class and felt pretty rough for the rest of the night.

Certainly learnt that I shouldn't push my body, When you're ill, it's your body's way of telling you to chill out and you should be patient and wait for it to heal before embarking on any new adventures! Am sure you'll agree!

I should have know better and I shall be definitely taking a leaf out of my favourite meditation programme, Headspace. Check out their website with free guided meditations!


Till next week all!

Take care

Love and peace



Saturday, 14 January 2012

A Weighty Issue - Are we just plain obsessed?

We're a couple of weeks into the new year and apparently already 92% of us have given up on our new year diets (shame on us for our complete lack of self control and discipline.... now pass me another doughnut)!!

I was reading this article about the short life-span of the new year diet on a website which seemed to me to be weight/body obsessed. Of the 32 top stories covered in the world of entertainment, about half of them had some association with food/diets/body image/appearance. To be more specific; 

  • 5 were directly about dieting (and included various photos of celebrities eating); 
  • 3 of them mentioned 'curvy' celebrities such as Kelly Clarkson and Kate Winslet; 
  • 5 of them showed celebrities (all women by the way) in some state of undress (bikinis etc.); 
  • 2 covered stories of women's appearance; one saying how one celebrity looked rough the night after a glamorous party and the other saying how a pretty girl made a film premier more exciting (this was film that starred Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Irons and Stanley Tucci... isn't that exciting enough)?
I've even found a website dedicated to celebrities and weight (guess it was only a matter of time)! 

The Skinny Website (literally that's what its called)!

The website covered categories such as "skinny", "scary skinny", "curvy" and "baby weight" and of course was full of ads about losing weight. It had a forum for people to use and "quel surprise", the most posted forum was on diets having over 16,0000 posts!

What makes this combination of celebrities and diets so alluring to us as consumers? Why are we just so obsessed with body image? Is the media to blame? 

I have to admit that I really don't know the answers, but am hoping to find out more. But in the meantime, while we ponder this, here is a link to a lecture from the Institute of Psychiatry, called Fashion Victims; it discusses whether the media is to blame for eating disorders:

Fashion Victims

Have a listen, it certainly gave me some food for thought (excuse the pun..I just couldn't resist)! 

Have a great weekend all

Peace and love



Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Chatter Matter Book Review - my first ever!!

The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes

I am really excited to do my first ever book review blog today (whoop whoop). Admittedly the book I've chosen, The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes, is only 150 pages long, but hey you gotta start somewhere and definitely want to get some practise in before I start on War and Peace!! :) And what better way to start than with the Booker Prize winner in 2011 (oohh eerrr fancy)!!

The book centres around the life and relationships of a British man called, Tony Webster. The key relationships being with his school friend, Adrian Finn and Tony's first girlfriend, Veronica Ford, who later goes on to be with Adrian (ah the plot thickens I hear you say, think we can all kinda see where this is going)!!

My favourite bit of the book was... The beginning of the book starts with key (and pretty strange) memories Tony has about his life, including a hot frying pan being put into cold water and a shiny inner wrist. As the book continues these memories are subtly dropped in. I liked the whole 'treasure hunt' nature of this and how the book starts with a bizarre, unconnected list of items which gradually all become connected through Tony's life.

My favourite quote of the book was... When someone in Tony's life commits suicide, Tony's mother comments:
He was too clever. If you're that clever you can argue yourself into anything. You just leave common sense behind. It's his brain unhinged him,that's why he did it.
The quote took me back to my uni days studying anthropology and remembering the work of french sociologist, Emile Durkheim. In his book of 1897, 'Suicide', he concluded the the more educated an individual, the more likely to take their own life. So it seems Tony's ma may have been right on the money! 

I really enjoyed this book and it became a real page turner at the end and its inspired me to read other books by the author (might try Arthur & George next).  One of the main quotes in the book is:
You just don't get it do you? But then you never did.
Am afraid, you'll have to read the book to find out what that is all about (sorry guys)!! 

Thanks so much for reading this blog and hope you've enjoyed my first ever book review. I've really loved writing it. Next week, I'll retire (only briefly) from my bookworm status, and chat about something else that matters!

Peach and love everyone!!