Thursday, 29 September 2011

Blogger virgin....treat with care (please)!

It's me (with someone else's hand)!!!
This is my first ever blog, so please be gentle with me!! Thought I would introduce myself (bit boring but pretty necessary). So my name is Suzie Chick (and yes that's surname is for real)! I'm 31 and have lived, worked and studied in Central London for most of my (young) life. 

I'm a chartered accountant (sorry don't do tax returns guys) and have been working as a fraud investigator for the past five years. Just recently I have decided to explore other careers and ways of living (there was a serious need to design my own life and not leave it in the hands of my employer, am sure some of you can relate)!

So what did Suzie do next I hear you ask??? Well, I quit my job and headed for Thailand. Pretty crazy stuff but no regrets (so far)!!

So after a lot of pondering this Summer, I have decided to embark on a new adventure; to look into becoming a psychotherapist and eventually start my own business (and be my own boss..yippee)!

So I wanted to start a blog which documents my journey and to hopefully inspire and help others. 

Thanks for reading and until next time....let's chatter about things that matter!

Peace and love